Corporate events

Corporate events, conferences and trainings

in a unique environment, away from city noise

Our secluded castle hotels that are close to nature, but equipped with state-of-the-art technology, are ideally suited for corporate events, conferences, trainings and team buildings. Ask for a custom quote!

Successful corporate events in Hungarian castles

No matter how good the lecturers or how popular the lectures are, the selection of the ideal venue is essential for the success of an event and the full involvement of participants. And what could be more appropriate than a unique and special castle hotel, away from the big city noise and the impulses flowing in all directions.

Hungarian castles are the most beautiful treasures of our country, with their unique design, authentic furniture, huge, beautiful halls, isolated salons and spacious gardens, which provide an ideal venue for corporate events.

And while castles carry the milieu of the last few centuries, their modern facilities are perfectly suited to the needs of the present day, whether it be gastronomic delights, technical facilities, wellness services or even programs.

A beautiful castle is an ideal venue for events because

Its beautiful halls represent the company

Fully renovated with unique furnishings, the castle-style event venues are worthy venues even for the most prestigious companies.

Its isolated salons are ideal for business meetings

The tiny saloons, terraces and winter gardens of the castles are the perfect venue for meetings and discussions that are closed to the other participants of the event.

All technical conditions are provided for the events

Whether for sound systems, projector or lighting technology, our castles have all the technical tools to conduct business events.

Homemade, traditional and specialty cuisine can be chosen

In addition to homemade and traditional regional dishes, our castles’ specialties can be complemented by special gastronomy requests.

Its individually furnished rooms can be used for multi-day events

Most domestic castles also operate as hotels, so you can organize multi-day events without leaving the venue.

We also help with program organization

Organizing an event, conference, company team building training involves a lot of stress, our professional event organizers will help you get all the details in place.

Choose your corporate event venue!

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Gróf Dégenfeld

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Gróf Degenfeld
Gróf Dégenfeld

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