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Hungarian Castle Hotel Association

Hungarian castles are the true pearls of our country. In the most beautiful parts of the country, traces of the luxurious life of old noble families and memories of bygone ages are preserved.
The activities of the Association of Hungarian Castle Hotels have been aimed at representing castles as domestic hotels and / or venues and museums, and at introducing and promoting “castle tourism” to the public consciousness.
 The Association started its activities almost 20 years ago, in 2001, as a castle hotel section within the framework of the Hungarian Hotel Association. It was registered on December 12, 2007 as the Association of Hungarian Castle Hotels.

Objectives of the Association of Hungarian Castle Hotels:

  • Preservation, fostering and presentation of castles, manor houses and historical buildings.
  • Exploring the historical background of Hungarian castles and presenting them extensively.
  • Facilitate the process of European integration by exploring the common historical roots.
  • Finding exploitation types appropriate to present.
  • Representation of castle hotels in economic, legal and ethical issues at home and abroad
  • Organization of cultural activities such as castle concerts
  • Preserving and preserving cultural heritage, such as organizing concerts of old music, folk music and square-dancing
  • Preservation and cultivation of national monuments, e.g. on the occasion of the Monuments Day, organization of open castles events

Members of the Association of Hungarian Castle Hotels can count on more guest traffic, valuable marketing support, professional support from the Association and boosting local castle tourism.

Members of the Association

Initially, the members of the Association of Hungarian Castle Hotels could be only Hungarian and foreign natural persons, business associations with legal personality, civil society organizations, foundation-related or unincorporated companies that operated a castle hotel, mansion, or other hotel with a historical background, at least a 3-star hotel, a venue or a service that fit into the building.

The membership expanded in 2016, thus, nowadays, other historic buildings can also be members of the Association that provide other services, such as a beauty center, health center or museum, etc.

Membership conditions:

  • at least a 100 year old historic building
  • in the case of restoration and renovation, implementation of due diligence in the monument
  • advanced quality services
  • adopting the statutes of the Association
  • contributing to the achievement of Association goals

Membership castles will be admitted on a case-by-case basis, subject to the association’s own quality principles. Being affiliated with the Association of Hungarian Castle Hotels is therefore a guarantee of quality for our guests.

The Association of Hungarian Castle Hotels currently has 8 members, 7 hotels and 1 museums.

Members of the Presidium:

  • Eszter Gulyás (President) – Szidónia Castle Hotel****

  • Katalin Kirchner (Secretary) – H-Clean System Bt

  • Ferenc Takács (Responsible for Priority and Official Partnerships) – Assur Kft.

  • Szilárd Kovács (Treasurer)

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