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Away from the bustle of the city, there is a place in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja, where the elegance of the old days and the comfort of our modern age create perfect harmony. A place where exquisite wellness, SPA and culinary experiences make you forget the daily fatigue. A place which is the idyllic venue for special family and business gatherings. This is Andrássy Kúria & Spa – a place, the enchanting charm of which we have been marvelling at for a very long time.

The Andrássy Kúria & Spa awaits its guests with 53 rooms, its Superior and Deluxe rooms, as well as the Premium and Andrássy suites, provide unique comfort. In addition to spa treatments, the hotel’s wellness services include special features such as relaxation experiences provided by the cave bath and indoor pool, and the cooling refreshment provided by the outdoor pool on summer days.

Its restaurant, Bobajka, awaits its guests with a hall with a large banquet capacity, a cafe opening onto the street, and a terrace. With its flavors and recipes, Bobajka – which is the name used in the Zemplén Mountains to call the poppy seed bread pudding- strives to convey the heritage and special atmosphere of the wine region to its visitors. The regional dishes are presented to the guests in a modern and fresh guise, renewed, yet traditional. There is a number of typical Hungarian dishes combined with some elements of reform cuisine on the menu, as a result of which all our guests can find the ideal meals for themselves.

In addition, the Andrássy Kúria proves to be an excellent choice as an event and wedding venue with its capacity of nearly 150 people, offering also half- and full-day offers on weekdays.

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weddings, private events
corporate events
private guests

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150 persons


223 km from Budapest, 50 km from Miskolc and Nyíregyháza, the Andrássy Kúria & Spa in Tarcal is located in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja.

The manor building was owned by the Andrássy for a long time, and it first opened its doors as a hotel in 2008. The hotel has been owned and operated by the BDPST Group since 2019. Showcasing the beauty of the region and the history of the house, the manor house with unique features, with 53 rooms, wellness and spa department, restaurant, terrace and event hall can be a perfect destination for any program.

During the complete interior renovation in 2021, the main concept for its design was the creation of memorability and uniqueness. In the framework of the renovation, the leading motif was the creation of a warm, village atmosphere combined with elegance, while the warm shades of the home and the use of ornaments dominated the communal spaces. The guest rooms were inspired by old family photos of the Andrássy family, most of which were taken during hunting, horseback riding or garden picnics. This is how the Hubertus equestrian theme is shown in the design of the rooms, for example, which displays the red, green, black and beige color scheme, and the black velvet of the curtains imitating the kobak. Meanwhile, the blue-toned rooms bring the theme of the garden picnic, the sky and the plaid into the interior. When dreaming up the design, special attention was paid to ensure that every decorative element is also a reference to the area or the former owners.

Andrássy Kúria & Spa

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